Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Random conflict

Two suggestions for these words.

One, write a sentence for each word (or some form of it) dealing with an internal or external conflict for the main character of the sentence.

Two, create a list of 6 characters -- yours or your favorites. Roll a die to randomly choose two characters. Pit those two characters in conflict with each other. If you roll the same number twice, you can either roll again or make it an internal conflict. If you have a lot of characters, you can make two lists of 6, perhaps a list of good guys and bad guys. Though putting two good guys or two bad guys in conflict is potentially more interesting! :-)

A is for Abandoned
B is for Betrayal
C is for Clandestine
D is for Double-cross
E is for Elegy
F is for Favoritism
G is for Grovel
H is for Hostility
I is for Isolation
J is for Jealousy
K is for Kinship
L is for Liaison
M is for Misunderstanding
N is for Neglectful
O is for Obedient
P is for Phobia
Q is for Questionable
R is for Rebellion
S is for Surrender
T is for Thwart
U is for Underestimate
V is for Violated
W is for Withdraw
X is for eXhume
Y is for Yield
Z is for Zealous
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