Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Velveteen Rabbi

There have been thousands upon thousands of "bookswithalettermissing" tweets on Twitter since it started last year. I tried. I can't even come up with one! And I'm usually pretty good with word games. (Okay, after I wrote that I came up with Tar Trek and Tar Wars while I was compiling the list below. Yay! :-D)

If you're game, drop a letter from a book, movie, play, song, TV show to come up with a new title. Then add on a short plot summary that is, preferably, related in a twisted way to the original.

If, like me, you're having problems coming up with the titles, I've listed some that you can create descriptions for.

The Velveteen Rabbi
Liver Twist
If You Give a Muse a Cookie
Huckleberry Inn
Lord of the Lies
Lice in Wonderland
Little Omen
A Series of Unfortunate Vents
Harry Otter
Jurassic Ark
Charlie and the Chocolate Factor
The Screw Ape Letters
The Holy Bile
The Virtue of Elfishness
Harold and the Purple Rayon
The Naked and the Dad
Eat of Eden
Tar Trek
Tar Wars
Little Emo in Slumberland
Clan of the Cave Bar
I Sit on Your Graves
Planet of the Aps
Zorba the Geek
All the Pretty Hoses
Return of the Naive
The Sound and the Fur
The Mayo of Casterbridge
Far from the Madding Crow
The Tree Musketeers
A Stud in Scarlet

It is the nature of tweets to be ephemeral, but some have been caught before they disappeared:

It’s the #bookswithalettermissing eBook! -- 500 in a PDF download from the guy who started it all and where most of the above examples came from. (His kids' humorous horror series looks cute too :-)

An article from the Huffington Post: Velveteen Rabbi.

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