Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Angels in the Trenches

Angels in the Trenches.

What if they were real angels? What if the trenches were in Heaven? In the clouds?

Against who? Angels and fallen angles? Two new angel factions vying for power? Alien angels vs. "regular" angels? The "angels" of different religions after a barrier fell between the realms overseen by each religion's God?

Or on Earth in a war between Heaven and Hell with humanity caught in the crossfire?

What if the setting is the future? The past? During dinosaur times? In a fantasy land?

"Angels in the Trenches" was Saturday Night Live's Turner Classic Movie spoof. I could be losing it but I thought they usually did real movies. This one sure sounded like a real movie title. :-) But it's not. Though it was a book long ago!
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