Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fable time!

Fables are moral tales staring anthropomorphized animals -- animals with human characteristics.

Go to Animal Character Generator and generate two random animals. (If the link disappears, I generated a bunch and put them in the Comments.)

For a creativity challenge, take the first two. :-) Or generate a few until you find a couple you like. Though don't think in terms of fables! Let the animals reveal their story to you :-)

Think about how the descriptor and animal combination emphasize certain aspects in each other. Like a "sheep angel" brings out gentleness, patience, whiteness. Perhaps flock also of angels and sheep. Or like "turtle drunkard" emphasizes the slowness and careful gate aspects of each. (Would you even know if a turtle was drunk?)

Now, what happens when you put them together? Who would be teaching the lesson to who? (And of course it needn't be a serious lesson!)
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