Thursday, April 14, 2011

Funny finding you here

Found poems are pieces of writing not intended to be a poem but by arranging the line breaks become a poem.

You can find these poems in grocery lists, in your sister's diary, in newspaper articles, in novels, in biology class notes, in bits of overheard conversation, in assembly instructions, in dialog from TV shows,

in blurbs from TV Guide:

Arthur creates
a tribunal of justice
that solves disputes
via wits,
not blood.

and the backs of cereal boxes:

Every bite
of these


is dusted
with just the right amount of cinnamon,
to make them
a delicious


for your morning.

Here's a bit of found poetry from the description of found poetry in The Teachers and Writers Handbook of Poetic Forms:

The odd thing is
how the found words seem
to take on an added power
when removed
from their original context
and presented

And one rule:

A poet does not enjoy
a license to
or omit words --
a rule often broken.
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