Thursday, March 31, 2011

Delightful cult heroes

Choose one of the following randomly generated scenarios and see where it takes you. (Feel free to mix and match.)

The story is about a eccentric creation who is a bride and an utterly delightful creature who is a cult hero. The setting includes a mist enshrouded palace. Include the following words: cure truth complete

The story is about a emotional giant who is an explorer and an anti-social griffin who is an outcast. The setting includes a ruined labyrinth. Include the following words: ring rejection indifference

The story is about a confused ferret who is a royal and a secretive mouse who is a story teller. The setting includes a muddy carnival. Include the following words: loom illusion act

The story is about a crimson alien who is a pawn broker and an aggressive android who is a priestess. The setting includes a smoky side street. Include the following words: report hyperdrive repair

The story is about a hard-boiled dwarf who is a monk and a wise-cracking demon who is a playwright. The setting includes a busy bakery and cafe. Include the following words: silhouette sacrifice gain
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