Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Great Expectations

Pointing by Marcus Ranum
A big fan of the gangster era genre, Lizzy has spent weekends designing characters to take with her on her Great Expectations virtual reality experience. The characters are base level, perfectly capable of reacting in unique ways to the novel (or genre) they're designed for, either to help her or to throw monkey wrenches into the plot. If she sets the randomizer before entering her experience, one or more will only seem to be as she designed them.

Lizzy enters the virtual reality world and the doors lock behind her for the duration. Then she realizes she's in the wrong novel, she's in a fantasy genre instead. And she's trapped with characters incapable of realizing the genre has shifted.

Feel free to randomize the two genres Lizzy ends up in.

(The subgenre list is from AllBookstores).

Here's some that caught my attention as I was randomizing:

  • Monastic (Mystery) -- Spicy (Romance)
  • English Country House (Mystery) -- Space Travel (Scifi Fantasy)
  • Glitz and Glamor (Romance) -- Psychological (Horror)
  • Vengance (Western) -- Regency (Romance)
  • Gothic (Horror) -- Fairy Tales (Scifi Fantasy)
  • Husband and Wife (Mystery) -- Wild Frontiers (Scifi Fantasy)

Idea from Teresa Schultz-Jones's Nano.
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