Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mmm ... Donuts ...

Create a dozen new donuts!

Be creative with the dough, the filling, the frosting, the toppings. And the name!

Ninja donut? Donuts for discerning dog palates? Harry Potter donut? Black hole donut? Donuts for proper British tea? Alien invasion donut?

If you'd like to limit yourself to this world, you can gear up for (hopefully) next year's contest at Dunkin' Donuts (which they've held for the past 2 years and I assume they'll hold again next year.) Go to Create Dunkin's Next Donut and click on Make a donut for fun. There are 3 shapes, 7 doughs, but then the combinations explode with over 20 Kremes, 25+ fruit Kremes, 45 jellies then loads of frostings and toppings to combine.

Then come up with a name. And a story to go with it.

Last years winner is Toffee For Your Coffee, sour cream cake topped with chopped Heath bar. This year's (available this fall) is Monkey See Monkey Donut, Bananas Foster filling, chocolate icing with peanut butter shavings. (I'm getting a craving!)

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