Thursday, April 02, 2009

Like a window

Similes compare two unlike things to call your attention to similar aspects you wouldn't have seen. They help you see things in new ways.

Though both similes and metaphors are figures of speech, difference is similes keep the two ideas separate: The thief escaped as fast as a cheetah, and metaphors turn one thing into another: When the starter's pistol cracked, she was a cheetah freed from its cage.

Similes in Poems at Writing Fix generated the following. In either poetry or prose, expand on one of the ideas. Explore the similarities between the trait and the noun. Don't worry about whether your comparisons are working! Just get them out and down. Let them flow. Make multiple comparisons for the same aspect so you have more to work with in the edit.

Alternatively, make them all about one person and expand each a little. Explore how they all work together.

And, as always, don't feel tied to contemporary times or human characters.
  • His obedience was like a window.
  • Her need for revenge was like the desert.
  • His loyalty was like a tavern.
  • Her face was like a train.
  • His sadness was like a lighthouse.
  • Her scream was like a song.
  • His anger was like a card game.
  • Her fear was like a museum.

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