Saturday, January 19, 2008

Toasted Cheese

hellokittyHere's a whole year's worth of writing prompts from 2007 at Toasted Cheese.

Here's a sample:
He was thankful to be himself again.
You redefine the word ego.
He lifted the corner of the pink chenille bedspread.
She might some day kill a man.
A romantic, futuristic mystery.
While they're conventional, not specifically geared to speculative fiction, they're easily adaptable and avoid the introspective type of prompt that irks me ;-)

(Hmmm! Sounds like I like to avoid looking inside! ;-) Either that or I think there are way more inspiring ideas than my best birthday party and the most uplifting experience I've had.)

There's also a monthly calendar where she posts this year's writing prompts that are collected in a list as they're posted. The prompts actually go back to 2002 and some more extensive exercises stretch back to 2001 in the archives.
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