Sunday, August 19, 2007

Getting to know you

paddedcell.jpgFrom Writer's Digest Free Writing Prompts

Character questionaire (below). Though only a few of the questions get beyond the mundane, what's great about this is that about 75 people (so far) have responded on the message boards. There are some interesting answers as well as surprising ways of answering:
Coffee Drinker: only when awake. 
Current Location: Molly Pitcher's Pub, over on Cranston Street [most people answered current residence.]
Current Location: Padded cell
Eye Color/Hair Color: He has two looks; his human look with sepia hair and autumn brown eyes and his true Sidhe look of sea sky blue eyes and naked white hair.
Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Guinness (It's a meal in a glass) 
Favorite Meal: anything he doesn't have to cook himself 
Favorite Meal: Cereal and Milk
Favorite Meal: His ma's corned beef and cabbage.
Favorite Meal: She's not picky. Food doesn't really interest her. She eats because her mom places food in front of her. Otherwise, she would forget about it altogether.
Favorite Meal: Toast 
Fears: Being responsible for the end of the world.
Fears: Going bald, losing his teeth, dying too young and living too long, and spiders. 
Fears: people finding out who she really is 
Fears: The Dark and things he can see that others cannot.
Fears: The evil that man has against his fellow man, closed in tight spaces, old school witches 
Has Character Been in Love: Yes But he's more likely to be in lust.
Has Character Been in Love: yes, but he denies it 
Is Character Attractive: When you look at Max, you can see her mind spinning at full speed. This makes her beautiful.
Is Character Attractive: Yeah. I wouldn't dare to date a guy that doesn't have character.
Life Goal: To die fighting 
Life Goal: To do something meaningful
Life Goal: to keep breathing
Life Goal: To live, man, to live!
Life Goal: to piss off as many people as he can 
Major Strength: Wit, sailing skills, and a head for mathematics without paper and pencil. 
Major Weakness: Cystic Fibrosis
Major Weakness: Explosive Temper and brunettes with blue eyes and he is seldom on time. 
Major Weakness: Guys who play in bands
Major Weakness: never backs down from a challenge, no matter what the cost
Major Weakness: The Sims 2 
Number One Regret: That in the end, he had to turn his back to his people because it was the right thing to do.
Tattoo(s)/ Piercing(s): "Piercings?! What'm I, a girl?"
Tattoo(s)/ Piercing(s): A colbalt blue rank tattoo across the bridge of his nose that looks like a scar in his human form 
Tattoo(s)/ Piercing(s): scared of needles
Tattoo(s)/ Piercing(s): Shocked that you should suggest such a thing. 
Vices: Staying up after lights out completing one sudoku puzzle after another. 
Vices: writing on things esp. her shoes and the bathroom stalls at school

4/24/2007: Create a background for one of you characters by filling out this list:
Full Name:
Current Location:
Eye Color/Hair Color:
Right or Left Handed:
Major Strength:
Major Weakness:
Life Goal:
Dream Profession:
Actual Profession:
Favorite Meal:
Coffee Drinker:
Favorite Alcoholic Drink:
Has Character Been in Love:
Is Character Attractive:
Does Character Think of Self as Attractive:
Healthy Habits:
Unhealthy Habits:
Favorite Movie:
Tattoo(s)/ Piercing(s):
Number One Regret:

You can post your response (500 words or fewer) here
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