Tuesday, July 03, 2007

300 pound lover

Karen.jpgThe following are some colorful lines from a collaborative fiction. Pick one as a writing prompt.
  • The hotel manager turned into a bag of blood in a bad suit.
  • Pain sizzled along every nerve in Lucien’s battered body.
  • His emotions, in all their writhing complexity had been loosed upon him without the benefit of his lifemate’s support. 
  • To his chagrin he found it was he who had the human populace scurrying from his path like rodents chased by a cat.
  • She was mesmerizingly flamboyant: pink and black and white, like cotton candy trying to look dangerous.
  • Except for the hunger, that is. It was like another entity sitting in the limo with them, its hollow tentacles wrapping around Ilie and filling every bit of space within him.
  • And then as Lucien pulled back from his mind a bit more there was nothing but the void of his hunger and the ease to his hunger filling his universe.
  • She pictured them gathered around the wonders of an electric light bulb.
  • Ilie jerked his head up from the manual he'd been reading, and froze like a rabbit who has caught sight of a cat.
  • Though the hotel manager had looked properly business like earlier, the Carpathian made him look like he'd dressed from a bargain rack at the second hand store.
  • "He had a fight with his 300 pound lover because he found out she has two other lovers that she hooks up with on the days she said she does yoga and pottery."
  • Afraid to lose even a single precious second he allowed the car to speed up the drive like a teenager out past curfew.
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