Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Mothers are often mistaken for robots

kos-mos400.jpg Use one or several of the following and set the timer for 10-15 minutes as a writing prompt:
  • Mothers are often mistaken for robots.
  • Heavyweight boxers believe that surfers analyze cockroaches.
  • Cattle mutilators work for the dairy products.
  • Preachers scratch the faces of technicians.
  • Hellspawn are all New Yorkers.
  • Extraterrestials wish to please the janitors.
  • Grandmothers deny that aristocrats evolved from walruses.
  • Rattlesnakes taunt ballet dancers.
  • Monks cleanse the swashbucklers.
  • Ninjas want to rid the world of Neanderthal tribes.
These are sentences randomly generated at The Random Sentence Generator v.1.0. Each time you reload the page there are 10 new sentences.

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