Thursday, April 20, 2006

Diminishing rhyme

alarm.jpgWrite a 4 or 5 (or more) line poem of words of ever diminishing syllables.

Start with any word. Go to Rhymezone and type it in.

It will give you lists of words grouped by syllables. Choose a word from each of the groupings of syllables that "go" together: they might suggest a story, a commentary, or be a collection of nice images and sounds. (If you see a better word than the one you began the search with, by all means abandon the original and grab the new one.)

Not all words will turn up a good set of rhymes. And sometimes Rhymezone can be a bit quirky about what words it wants to give you rhymes for.

Here's an example:
detention cell
alarm bell
(Of course you can also turn the exercise on its head and go from a single syllable to multiple syllable word or phrase.)

Feel free to use your own words but here's some words that have a decent number of multiple syllable rhymes:
(Spawn includes dawn among the words that rhyme with it but for some reason gives more rhymes than dawn. -- Though perhaps too many! -- Rhymezone, as I said, can be quirky.)
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