Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Love cursed

"After Volga Adams, a psychic, pleaded guilty to larceny for stealing over $100,000, she put a curse on the prosecutor, saying no woman would ever love him."*

As Volga is led off, the prosecutor Jendar Forthwright poorly suppresses his eye roll. Yet when he arrives home that evening, his wife is gone, his daughter is in a funk not speaking to him and his son is quite confused.

He's a logical person. It can't be the psychic.

And yet it is. But not the way it seems. There's a web of deceit that's been woven.

Use it as inspiration for a piece. Or brainstorm a slew of possibilities for how and why the wife and daughter's reactions are tied to the psychic.

* From an article in the New York Times, Devil's Head, Dead Chicken and a Swindle.

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