Wednesday, August 31, 2011

More than a penny's worth

As you do everyday on your way to work you pass the Fountain of Fate and toss in your usual copper coin for good luck.

The coin plonks into the gently splashing water as usual. Followed by an extraordinary whoosh and this appears.

Everyone else is passing by as if nothing unusual were happening.

Well, crap, looks like you've been chosen! For ... something. But ... but you've got an overdue project. And a meeting with a potential patron whose work you need badly. And ... and a cat who pisses on your pillow if you don't feed him promptly at 6PM.

You move on but apparently she doesn't need the fountain for her watery spectacle.

Take it from there. (As usual, feel free to place this in any setting you wish.)

(Ah, sorry about the automatic postings while I was on vacation. Looks like I set the dates properly but not the times so they arrived by mail in chunks occasionally. And I'll see if I can fill in those missing Wednesdays over the next couple of days. :-)
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