Wednesday, July 27, 2011


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Here are some common English words that contain no other vowel except y. Use them all in a writing piece.
  • cry
  • crypt
  • fly
  • gypsy
  • hymn (song praising someone or something, most familiarly the Christian God but can be any deity)
  • lymph (can also mean pure water in addition to the clear liquid in blood)
  • lynch
  • lynx
  • myrrh
  • myth
  • nymph
  • pry
  • pygmy
  • rhythm
  • scry (predict the future with a crystal ball)
  • shy
  • sly
  • spy
  • sphynx (hairless cat breed)
  • spry
  • sync
  • tryst
  • wyrm (a dragon without legs)
and if you can fit it, just because it's a cool word ;-)
  • syzygy
And some short but less inspiring words you may want to sprinkle in:
  • by
  • my
  • dry
  • fry
  • gym
  • ply
  • sky
  • sty
  • try
  • why
  • wry

There are more words at List of words in English without vowels but most are pretty odd, obscure or specialized (like srsly in text-speak). The page is part of a larger collection of English words with uncommon properties, like words with alternating consonants and vowels (honorificabilitudinitatibus for instance), q not followed by u (which gets its own whole page!), kangaroo words (words that contain the letters in the right order of a similar word like masculine/male, observe/see), pyramid words (where one letter appears once, another letter twice, another three times, like banana and sleeveless).

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