Thursday, October 07, 2010

The Prince

(Geez, I just totally disappeared. I did the 24 hour comic book challenge over the weekend with my daughter and didn't expect it to throw me completely off schedule. If you're curious to see it: A Morning in the Life of a Magical Girl.)

You're hired to be The Prince's bodyguard, caretaker, watchdog, general factotum while he's visiting your city. The Prince proves to be quite high maintenance. You need to keep him occupied, happy and within sight. For the next 48 hours when he will give a speech at the opening ceremonies of the intergalactic exposition your skills are challenged to the fullest.


Winnie said...

I was pretty busy last week too, and so when I came on 10/6 expecting a bunch of fun ideas, I saw nothing new! I understand business, but I was afraid that you disappeared and would leave me without new writing prompts for months! Maybe I'm just obsessive...

Glad you're back!

Joyce Fetteroll said...

Thank you! Sorry for leaving you high and dry! Other than when I got knocked off line with a dead router I think it's my first real gap in 5 years. Hopefully it will be another 5 years before a gap :-)