Thursday, September 16, 2010

Flower arrangement

"What the heck?? What's with the photo? Has she gone normal??"

No, wait! It's not just normal. It's subversively, deceptively normal.

Putting up some photos from England on Facebook, I remarked that I couldn't remember a street that didn't have flowers.

Of course that can't be true! :-) And yet ... I don't remember any. Could it be the flowers and attractive signs prevent people from paying attention to the other, duller streets where secrets lurk? No Admittance and Do Not Enter just make doors more intriguing. To hide something, just make it dull.

So, that's your challenge. You can use the picture or the idea of places that are enticing and attractive to keep people out of the boring areas where the secrets are. Maybe the shopkeepers get a break on taxes if they beautify their shops so even they don't know what's going on. Their efforts are sincere. The money, though, isn't.

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