Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fateful pizzas

"Is fate tied to a pizzeria in Wisconsin?"

That's the fortune in the cookie your character just broke open. It's confirmed the nagging feeling they have and they're off to Wisconsin to find that pizzeria.

Will fate lead them there? Maybe they should check in with another fortune cookie once they get to Wisconsin ;-)

What will they find? True love? The fate of the universe? Something less cliche?

(Can you work this into your NaNo? If it's too left-turnish for your main character, you could send off an annoying character on a quest. Or someone walks in with the fortune looking for their fate. A character could leave it on the table then the server finds it and gets wildly excited. Possibilities limited only by imagination :-)

(This is from an ad for Lucky Brand jeans and Wisconsin musician Cory Chisel. The back story is a bit more mundane than the quote but still interesting. It's in the comments if you want to read it when you're done.)
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