Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Illuminated dreams

illuminateddreams.jpgA race of creatures I created for the last NaNo project, ox dragons, had what they called "Illuminated Dreams". These were dreams of specific images -- that is dreaming of not just mittens but peanut butter mittens -- that gave clues to the future. Each of the images were described in a massive book called The Book of Illuminated Dreams.

Pretend you are an illuminated dream interpreter who has been given the following list of images by a client. Take a few minutes and quickly (no editing) write down words and phrases that each dream image brings to mind. Then tell the client what the future holds for him or her.
bone crown
cheese clouds
spider weasel
abducted fog
snow dagger
fox genitals
altar of locks
tattooed robe
vulture whirlwind

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Joyce Fetteroll said...

Here's what I came up with. It was neat finding connections between the words that seemed unrelated. (Though cheese clouds was tough!)

There is a great deal of deception, masquerade and things that are hidden in store for you.

You will achieve what you seek but the sacrifice will be great, either sacrifice by others or the death of something important to you. [bone crown

Something you have stored away for the future will have slowly floated away [cheese clouds]. The one responsible is sly, clever, patient and perhaps deadly [spider weasel]. As he seeks to meet his goal, he will inadvertenly forcibly reveal something that's been hidden from view and all will be clear. [abducted fog] The danger to you will be temporary and will melt away with warmth or the turn of the season. [snow dagger]

What will be revealed is that your significant other is unfaithful or perhaps deceptive in ways that strike at your self esteem. [fox genitals]  This will create a barrier between your self and your spirit as the betrayal is crushing. [altar of locks] But you will realize that you aren't trapped by convention or who people view you as. You can adapt yourself to whatever the situation calls for. [tattooed robe]

You can prepare for what will come but you can't rush it. The events will unfold quickly but it will take patience not to act until the time is right. [vulture whirlwind]