Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Illuminated dreams

illuminateddreams.jpgA race of creatures I created for the last NaNo project, ox dragons, had what they called "Illuminated Dreams". These were dreams of specific images -- that is dreaming of not just mittens but peanut butter mittens -- that gave clues to the future. Each of the images were described in a massive book called The Book of Illuminated Dreams.

Pretend you are an illuminated dream interpreter who has been given the following list of images by a client. Take a few minutes and quickly (no editing) write down words and phrases that each dream image brings to mind. Then tell the client what the future holds for him or her.
bone crown
cheese clouds
spider weasel
abducted fog
snow dagger
fox genitals
altar of locks
tattooed robe
vulture whirlwind
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